Sander Ferdinand 21/12/1989
Amersfoort, The Netherlands
sa.ferdinand [at]

I have experience with

  • flask, django, pyramid, bottle
  • Google App Engine, AWS
  • twisted, asyncio, beatuifulsoup, SQLAlchemy, jinja2, pika
  • PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, ZomboDB
  • RabbitMQ, Celery
  • debian, nginx, varnish, haproxy, uWSGI
  • icinga2, nagios, zabbix
  • git workflow, unit testing, code reviews
  • security (web/crypto/network & machine forensics)
  • Hosting high traffic web applications


NRC Media (Amsterdam, Noord-Holland)

Backend Developer

August 2017 –
Mostly Python. All kinds of Python. All kinds of versions. All kinds of systems! Whoa!

Keywords: flask


Python Developer

December 2015 –
I freelance through CedSys. The services I offer are: high traffic managed hosting and Python development.

Some clients:,,,,

Cuckoo Sandbox (Amsterdam & Zaandam, Noord-Holland)

Python Developer

August 2014 – September 2015
Various django development.

Keywords: Django, pytest, Flask, malware

VICE (Amsterdam, Noord-Holland)

Python Developer

August 2014 – September 2015
As software developer for VICE I worked on a mobile application for the iPhone, web applications for various clients and internal tools to increase productivity in the office. This included development, deployment, testing and researching. As system administrator I worked on,,,,

Keywords: PHP, WordPress, Objective-C, Flask, Raspberry Pi

Voipro (Amsterdam, Noord-Holland)

Python Developer

May 2013 – April 2014
Voipro is a leading Dutch VOIP provider for SMEs. I worked on the internal customer portal which is made in Pyramid (pylons) and various other internal Python services which were made with the asynchronous network library Twisted.

Keywords: Twisted, Asterisk, VOIP, Pyramid

Capgemini (Papendorp, Utrecht)

Python Developer

January 2011 – July 2011
At my first programming job I worked on an in-house ERP solution in .NET with C#.

Department: Custom Software Development

Keywords: C#, .NET, SAP, ERP


VMBO kaderberoepsgerichte leerweg - did not graduate ^_^