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The combination of interesting files one can find on public FTP servers plus the technical expertise required to make a decent search engine motivated me to write Findex and ultimately this blogpost.

In short, I wrote a FTP/HTTP/SMB crawler that can traverse/index large amount of servers. I pointed it towards every single IP (port 21) in The Netherlands in order to:

  • ensuring that my indexing software can handle large amounts of data
  • see what I can discover

Old issue

This article is by no means presented as ‘new’. However, given the fact I was still able to collect enormous amount of private files I’d say this deserves some attention.


  • Although not illegal, mass port scanning is a great way to get kicked off your ISP. I would not recommend doing that from your home connection.
  • Indexing/crawling many FTP servers might also not be to the liking of your ISP.
  • Traversing public FTP servers is not illegal, however, it is the reader’s responsibility to obey all applicable local, state and federal laws.
  • I merely indexed the servers, not downloaded individual files.
  • This article is presented as research.

As previously stated, I decided to concentrate on public FTP servers located in my own country, The Netherlands.


I used a list of IP blocks belonging to Dutch internet providers and started my scan. Due to the fact Findex can do distributed scans and crawls it only took half a day.

It resulted in 257807 discovered FTP servers of which 7578 required no form of authentication. I filtered the list of servers that did not contain any files and got to 2359 public FTP servers. From those I was able to discover 18.088.392 files, so, a little over 18 million.

I now had indexed every single file stored on a public FTP server located in The Netherlands.


  • 257.807 FTP’s
  • 7578 public FTP’s - 2.9%
  • 2359 public FTP’s containing files - 0.9%
  • 18.088.392 files
  • 438.994 terabyte

I forgot to look at write permissions, so unfortunately I do not have these statistics for you.

Domains - top 13

All entries in the following list are Dutch ISPs except for the 4th place which seems to be a hosting company. Servers there probably come with a default public FTP account.

# Domain Servers
1. ziggo.nl 397
2. chello.nl 153
3. direct-adsl.nl 95
4. alphamegahosting.com 98
5. xs4all 90
6. kpn.net 76
7. planet.nl 73
8. zeelandnet.nl 50
9. caiway.nl 46
10. hetnet.nl 46
11. telfortglasvezel.nl 42
12. upc.nl 41
13. ziggozakelijk.nl 32

Geo location

I did a lookup on all the IP addresses for their physical location.

File categories

The following table shows the distribution of file categories.

SELECT file_format,sum(file_size),count(*) FROM files WHERE file_isdir != TRUE GROUP BY file_format;
Category Files Percentage Size
Documents 1997107 11% 1.7 TB
Movies 282306 1.5% 75.3 TB
Music 1046560 5% 8.6 TB
Pictures 5175332 28% 8.8 TB
Unknown 9587087 53% 344 TB

Surprisingly, 28% of all the files collected were pictures (5 million!). Mostly private photographs…

File Extensions - top 10

Next up are the discovered file extensions.

SELECT file_ext, count(*) FROM files WHERE file_isdir != TRUE GROUP BY file_ext ORDER BY count(*) DESC LIMIT 10;
# Extension Files
1. .jpg 4114712
2. .deb 2039029
3. .mp3 869530
4. .pdf 720040
5. .png 577334
6. .rpm 550756
7. .gz 466525
8. .html 336627
9. .txt 250380
10. .dsc 195674

Sensitive Files

SELECT count(*) from FILES WHERE file_isdir != True AND file_format=1 AND searchable like 'keyword%';
Keyword(s) Files Description
‘wachtwoord’ and ‘password’ 396 ‘wachtwoord’ means ‘password’ in Dutch. Text documents came up with lists of passwords
passport 192 Images and documents of passports
belastingaangifte 517 ‘belastingaangifte’ means ‘tax return’ in Dutch. Tax documents came up.
‘factuur’ and ‘invoice’ 4544 ‘factuur’ means ‘invoice’ in Dutch. A lot of invoices came up.
creditcard 139 Photos and documents of creditcards
gemeente 614 ‘gemeente’ means ‘local authority’ in Dutch. Goverment related documens came up.
wp-config.php 32 Configuration file for Wordpress
configuration.php 61 Configuration file for Joomla
config.php 428 Configuration files for various other web applications
passwd 82 Information file about users on unix systems

I viewed a few of the files and they were indeed what the filenames depicted.

Responsible Disclosure

Obviously I will not publish any of these documents or pictures. But I will also not notify the affected parties in question for the following 2 reasons:

  • Retaliation
  • Too many hosts

In this particular scenario I would need to alert 2500+ hosts on their lack of properly securing their FTP server. For me this is not realistic. It would take too much time and I would rather not police the internet myself. Instead I hope that this research will spread awareness.


Many public FTP servers on the internet are still hosting sensitive files, in the year 2015. I had the ability to download a wide variety of sensitive documents and most surely other people are doing this too.

The software used can be found on my projects page. It is called Findex.