Sander Ferdinand 21/12/1989
Amersfoort, The Netherlands


I'm a Python developer with 8+ years experience in writing high performance Python web applications, which of course is hilarious because Python is not very fast at all.

There used to be a long list here with technology that I have professional experience with - but it ended up being a big blob of 'words' and 'terms' which is arguably not very useful.

Instead, it will be more revealing to check out some of the blogposts I write.


In my daily working life I am a Senior back-end developer for a newspaper, I also host a couple of websites;,,, - Some of which do >100k page views a day - which make up for some interesting hosting requirements.

Hosting is fun, but open-source projects are my passion. I hack on Monero. Check out my Github page.

Thanks for visiting.


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